3. September 1923 – opening Westhafen

Südhafen 1960
Kohlenanlage WHF 1961
cement silo 1962
Dieselloks im Westhafen 1964

Milestones in development

1906 – 1911

construction Südhafen Spandau

1907 – 1913

construction Osthafen

1912 – 1922

construction Hafen Neukölln

1914 – 1923

construction Westhafen


foundation BEHALA  „Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhaus AG,
Generaldirektion der Berliner Häfen“

1924 – 1927

construction of the third port basin and the quay on the Berlin-Spandauer-Schifffahrtskanal


transfer to a municipal company

1939 – 1943

construction of a grain silo in Westhafen

May 1945

after the end of World War II, 60 % of the facilities in Westhafen and 80 % in Osthafen were destroyed

1962 – 1963

construction of a cement silo in Westhafen


consolidation of the companies Osthafen and BEHALA


transfer to a ‘Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts’

1995 – 1996

construction of a new office building (Rundbau)


historical buildings in Westhafen placed under monument protection


start of the expansion of the Westhafen to adapt to the parameters of the German transport project No 17

April 2001

inauguration of the container terminal in the Westhafen

August 2001

filling of the port basin III


transfer to a ‘GmbH’

Sep. 2010

construction of photovoltaics on warehouse 4


expansion of the container terminal

Nov. 2011

commissioning of the 2. container crane

Oct. 2012

inauguration of the RoRo-Ramp at the Charlottenburger Verbindungskanal and begin of the transport of turbines with the heavy cargo shuttle Ursus

March 2013

after conversion of the warehouse 1 BEHALA administration moved into from the former administration building

Oct. 2013

completion of a new warehouse in the Südhafen

July 2017

opening of a new empty container depot in the Westhafen with a space of 8,200 sqm

Oct. 2019 – Nov. 2021

construction of ELEKTRA

For current facts and figures, please consult the Berlin Senate Department for Finance’s Participation Reports and our annual reports (in German).

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