It’s all thanks to logistics

In order to demonstrate the wide range of tasks in the important logistics sector, BEHALA gave all those interested a free insight into its trimodal Westhafen port on 11th April. The wide range of tasks performed by BEHALA as a top-performing logistics service provider were rendered both transparent and interesting in a series of talks and guided tours.

Exciting talks on various professions in logistics were of particular interest to pupils and future trainees. There was also an opportunity to ask the speakers, including Prof. Gerd Holbach from the TU Berlin and Klaus-Günter Lichtfuß, a logistics specialist at BEHALA, questions. Various technical solutions, including ELEKTRA, were presented. Training to become a Specialist in port logistics was also the focus of another presentation. In his talk, Steffen Bilger, Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, explained to the around 80 students and pupils present the broad width of logistical tasks as well as the exciting challenges faced. “According to a study conducted by the World Bank, Germany is the logistics world champion. Nevertheless, we are all well aware that the title of world champion has to be defended time and time again and can be easily lost. The best way to protect our position is with first-class employees,” stressed Mr Bilger.