Heavy lift cargo shuttle – Power from Berlin

With the successful market launch of the world’s most high-performance, efficient and environmentally friendly gas turbine from the SIEMENS AG production plant in Berlin-Moabit, it proved necessary to adapt the transport logistics in such a way that this high-tech product could be delivered to power plant customers around the world reliably and safely.

“Power from Berlin”, a recognised quality stamp for SIEMENS AG products in the field of power plant technology, offers a long-term boost to the Berlin site.

In parallel to the development of the new turbine generation and SIEMENS AG’s expansion of the production site, BEHALA GmbH developed a logistics concept for the transport of the turbines from the production facility in Moabit.

The further development of the transport logistics from the gas turbine plant will make it possible to deliver previously untransportable goods safely and reliably, relieve the strain on the city of Berlin resulting from heavy goods traffic, contribute to environmental protection by utilising water transport alternatives and sustainably guarantee the future of the production site in Berlin-Moabit.