The tools of operational health management

BEHALA accepts responsibility for its employees and their health. It’s all about measures to combat stress, reduce the number of sick days, boost concentration and increase productivity.

The most important basis for a team which performs well and, ultimately, the success of our company, is that our employees stay motivated and healthy. Our health management tools for supporting our staff range from preventative measures right up to customised treatments. For example, massages in the office: employees whose work is physically demanding require a more relaxing massage than those who work at a desk all day with little movement or physical exertion.
Our occupational health & safety programme for the prevention of accidents in the workplace and work-related illnesses aims to promote our employees’ health, equilibrium and performance as well as to ensure the well-being of the people at BEHALA even in critical situations.
This allows a good work-life balance. That also includes our monthly meals out together, which some staff look forward to time and time again. Well balanced, unstressed employees are more relaxed in the way they interact with colleagues and customers, plus they display more concentration in their work. That’s definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.